r/Kazakhstan Jul 24 '21

Russians in Kazakhstan Question

Dear Reddit Users,

I watched a documentary about Kazakstan and if I am not mistaken 21% of the population is of Russian ethnicity in your country.

I would have a few questions if it would be possible:

  1. What is genetral opinion of Kazakhs about Russians that are living in your country? Are they more positive or negative?
  2. What is the general opinion of the average Kazaks about the former USSR after its fall?
  3. How do you see Kazakstan today in you would compare it with living in former USSR?

Thank you!


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u/latecomer11 local Jul 25 '21

That's true.


u/sumekenov Jul 25 '21

Anyway its just your word against mine, so discussion is fruitless)))


u/latecomer11 local Jul 26 '21

True. Btw, I bet you don't even realize how much Russians do hate Kazakhs. :)


u/sumekenov Jul 26 '21

Only in your fantasies bro