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People protesting against the introduction of the green pass in Italy. Milan, July 2021. Slice of life

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u/BlisteredProlapse Jul 26 '21


u/WT965 The Netherlands Jul 26 '21

I mean, if it changes imminently wouldn't it be better to look at the source that was edited on the 26th of July (the one I posted) rather than the 19th, like your article?

Also, if the only think that requires you to be vaccinated is going to a nightclub, I still don't think that justifies a comparison to the holocaust.


u/BlisteredProlapse Jul 26 '21

our government told us for the last year that vaccine passports were a discriminatory unbritish conspiracy and are now bringing them in so you will forgive me for taking their sources with a pinch of salt. that is just the first one that came up, you will find plenty more from last few days. It says in first paragraph though "and other venues where large crowds gather”. Since then when it was initially just nightclubs, the list has grown to those other venues i mentioned and growing seemingly every day. I think if you ban a university student who has paid from attending until they show theirs papers saying they have had a completely unnecessary medical procedure, or to go to the food shop like in some other countries (which i have no doubt will also be the case here within days or weeks) then comparing that to jews having to wear a star, if anything surely it is an understatement when it has clearly already passed that level (I, like the guy in the posts picture, are not directly comparing it to the holocaust which followed which this whole threat has conveniently conflated...we look back and see these crazy precursors like being made segregated and made identifiable by having to wear a star, and so when we see echos of that i think it perfectly reasonable, and a very good thing to do, to point it out and say let's do a u-turn from this immediately because we know what dark horrific things have followed this type of discrimination in the past..i have literally seen quite highly upvoted comments in this thread calling for the killing of those who don't want/can't have the vaccine, all a little concerning to say the least