r/politics Jun 14 '21

On Climate and Covid-19 Emergencies, G7 Judged a 'Colossal Failure' for All the World to See


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u/New_Stats New Jersey Jun 14 '21

2 billion doses promised to be donated

God I hate this stupid fucking news outlet, everything's doom and gloom with them. Doomer porn


u/Basic_Roll6395 Jun 14 '21

One of the reasons the article claims the g7 failed wrt the pandemic is by not waiving patents for the manufacture of covid vaccines. Some experts have pointed out that manufacturing vaccines at scale is not an easy or timely process and even waiving patents now would not affect supply in the short term. JnJ also recently had to discard millions of doses due to contamination which shows that even the pharma giants have issues of quality controls. The fact that g7 promised as many doses as they have is a LARGE leap towards getting a handle on covid. I concur with your ‘doom and gloom’ analysis of the article


u/New_Stats New Jersey Jun 14 '21

not waiving patents for the manufacture of covid vaccines.

Yeah this isn't relevant or even a failure

Moderna is already not enforcing its patent during the pandemic and it's one of the best vaccines on the market


u/Basic_Roll6395 Jun 14 '21

It seems the writer had a very narrow idea of what a successful g7 looks like, and the fact that the meeting didn’t result in things like patent waivers means it was a failure in his eyes.