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Why fish are becoming addicted to illegal drugs Animal Science


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u/-businessskeleton- Jul 22 '21

Maybe... And I'm just spit balling here.... Maybe it's because there's a crap load of illegal drugs in the waterways.


u/treelovingaytheist Jul 22 '21

They’re picking up that crap at school, no doubt.


u/mosesoperandi Jul 22 '21

Picking up that carp


u/Dr_Stef Jul 22 '21

Nah those school fish are too busy playing cod


u/kevinopine1 Jul 22 '21

They play cod for the halibut.


u/iZgonr Jul 22 '21

So, um, how about this: we make a campaign showing that everytime you pee after methamphetamine you're pushing out your drug out of ya, therefore, if you're short on money, you can pee into a bottle and have some methamphetamine for later


u/dasWolverine Jul 22 '21

Does this include other amphetamine salts like, say, adderall/ritalin?


u/in_bifurcation_point Jul 24 '21

and pregabaline has virtually no metabolites, it is 2/3 still in your urine, rest in the feces.


u/nadzhad11 Jul 22 '21

They're involved in some fishy business?


u/edwardphonehands Jul 22 '21

This smells of funding in search of research.


u/hazmatastic Jul 22 '21

Hank Hill back at it again


u/NefariousnessSea1449 Jul 22 '21

Is it not addiction when it's legal drugs?


u/jimmycarr1 BSc|Computer Science Jul 22 '21

People probably don't dump legal drugs in the waterways as much as illegal ones.


u/fishyfishyfish1 Jul 22 '21

You got that completely backwards


u/jimmycarr1 BSc|Computer Science Jul 23 '21

Why would people be dumping legal drugs?


u/fishyfishyfish1 Jul 23 '21

What do you think they do with used pharmaceuticals when someone dies? They flush them all. No one flushes illegal drugs unless the cops are at the door.


u/jimmycarr1 BSc|Computer Science Jul 23 '21

Why wouldn't you just put them in the trash? Or give them back to the pharmacy for proper disposal. Who flushes their trash down the toilet apart from people with illegal drugs and cops at the door? Maybe it's a cultural thing.


u/fishyfishyfish1 Jul 23 '21 edited Jul 23 '21

It’s how every hospice business in the US operates. Flushing it is considered proper disposal


u/jimmycarr1 BSc|Computer Science Jul 23 '21

Ok I learned something new today, thanks.


u/Venaliator Jul 22 '21

isn't this a bad thing for humans as well?


u/elbowUpHisButt Jul 22 '21

This is terrible, but what about frogs? I sure hope they aren't affected in a way that might change their sexual preferences


u/dasWolverine Jul 22 '21

I turned gay because I saw a frog once, I say screw it. Besides they’re the cure for aids


u/disembodiedbrain Jul 22 '21

All this study shows is that fish, when exposed to drugs in laboratory conditions, will become addicted. So the headline "why fish ARE becoming addicted to drugs" is misleading.

I'd be impressed to say the least jf anyone actually found direct evidence of this in the wild.


u/fishyfishyfish1 Jul 22 '21

Because drugs are delicious


u/Ok-Masterpiece-1359 Jul 22 '21

And then, when they run out of money, they start mugging other fish.