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And if a person figures out that it's not Sydney, their second guess is usually Melbourne.

You can do something similar with Canada. Is the capital Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver? 🤔


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This is a lot of fun.

Seriously. I've spent a ton of time now trying to come up with flight paths that look ridiculous on the Mercator projection.

Try doing Wellington -> Paris, Madrid, Casablanca. Wildly different flight paths, even though though the three destination cities are in the same corner of the world.


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Fake, how did you get data for Greenland and Western Sahara? 🤔


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The concepts of analysis track has three classes, and I would have to choose two. They are:


The real number system; field, order, and LUB axioms. Metric spaces: Euclidean space. Bolzano-Weierstrass property. Sequences and limits of sequences. Cauchy sequences and completeness. The Heine-Borel Theorem. Uniform continuity. Connected sets and the intermediate value theorem.


One-variable differential calculus: chain rule, inverse function theorem, Rolle's theorem, intermediate value theorem, Taylor's theorem, and intermediate value theorem for derivatives. Multivariable differential calculus: mean value theorem, inverse and implicit function theorems, and Lagrange multipliers.


Lebesgue measure on the reals. Construction of the Lebesgue integral and its basic properties. Monotone Convergence Theorem, Fatou's Lemma, and Dominated Convergence Theorem. Integration of series. Continuity and differentiability theorems for functions defined by integrals. Introduction to general measures and integration.

Is numerical methods anywhere in there? I don't see those two words specifically, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't there.


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I'm pursuing a B.S. in both mathematics and computer science – so a double major.

I'm hoping to go to grad school after my degree, so I suppose my goal is just to understand ML better.


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Wow this is an incredibly thorough response. Thank you so much.

In any case, pick the course that you think you'll like.

Part of the problem here is that I have no idea what course I'll like or even what each course means. Until now, I've simply followed the required math courses for my degree. Now that I have to make a choice, I'm not sure what to do. All I know is that the field of machine learning interests me.

r/MLQuestions Oct 09 '19

Which of these math tracks is most relevant to machine learning?


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Mod Post Biweekly Challenge #3 – Build a Mighty Castle



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That is super adorable. They sure spooked me.


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This is so cool! And you included everything from the prompt, which is super impressive. I feel bad for the little squished circle with the bat wings. -_-


COMMENT Aug 06 '17

Wow, this is ridiculously creative and well done. I love it!

The cutout is super helpful, however I would like to remind everyone that you are not required to use the image prompt or a cutout. You can start your own image entirely in your own style if you would like.

r/ICanDrawThat Aug 04 '17

Mod Post Biweekly Challenge #2



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Wow, this is incredibly creative and well done! It's interesting to think about a realistic human trying to fit in a world of stick people.


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I had no doubt in my mind while writing this prompt that somebody would make this.


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They're similar in that people are using a provided image prompt. That's about it. It's a pretty huge stretch to call it /r/photoshopbattles in all but name. Even so, not all challenges will be finish-the-drawing type prompts, which is the type of prompt you feel is too much like /r/photoshopbattles.

Hell, I bet you that in the future, your going to get people drawing here in photoshop.

People here already draw in Photoshop, among other programs.

r/ICanDrawThat Jul 14 '17

Request Introducing Mod Challenges!



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Very cute. Thank you! :)


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Either would be great. Whatever you think looks best.


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The idea of whale shark popping out of the frame is a great idea. I haven't seen any subreddit ads make any clever use of transparency, so it'd be a unique ad.


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I wasn't expecting pixel art, but you've sold me. That is very cool. I love the second one with the variety in the background.

I don't think the animated one can be used as an ad, but I'd love to have it displayed on the sidebar of /r/WhaleSharks if that's okay. (I will credit you).

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Request [Request] Subreddit ad for /r/WhaleSharks



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Thanks! I hope it lives up to your wildest expectations.


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Oh, that'd be neat. Would they actually be interested in using them? Also I'm pretty sure /r/ImaginaryLeviathans already has an ad up. Do any of the others?


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I just want to end my suffering lol


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